Salt Lake City Pride Parade

Speaking About Utah’s LGBTQ+ History

With the fifty-first anniversary of the NYC Stonewall Riots (June 28th to July 3rd) ending just before the 4th of July weekend, this Speak Your Piece podcast by Senior Public Historian Brad Westwood with historian J. Seth Anderson offers some contemporary Utah history.

Wear A Face Covering in Public

While it’s not required statewide, health officials and state leaders are urging everyone to wear a cloth face covering to protect themselves and people around them when out in public places. It is especially important to be mindful for the sake of high-risk individuals who have compromised immune systems or are of advanced age. Healthy people, including children, can be …

Cultural Organizations Receive Federal Assistance

Utah legislators have approved $9 million in federal relief dollars to assist cultural groups with activities that will help them recover from losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage tourism.

The Art of Women, Voting

By Ellen Fagg Weist One hundred fifty years ago, Seraph Young, a 23-year-0ld Salt Lake City schoolteacher, amplified the voices of Utah women by casting her first vote in a municipal election. One hundred years ago, the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution extended voting rights to white women across the country. This year’s dual anniversaries inspired …

Salt Lake City’s LGBTQ+ Communities and the West Side

In honor of Pride Month, we present to you a brief history of LGBTQ+ communities centered around the Pioneer Park neighborhood (freeway to West Temple, North Temple to 600 South). The post is just one segment of a much longer series titled, “Salt Lake’s West Side Stories” coming out this summer. Enjoy this sneak peek. Although it had many prior …

African Americans and Salt Lake City’s West Side, Continued

By Brad Westwood This week we offer another preview into the upcoming blog series titled, Salt Lake’s West Side Stories by continuing our study of African American communities and their contributions to the history of Salt Lake’s West Side. This post focuses specifically on African Americans in the Pioneer Park neighborhood. African Americans contributed to Utah’s religious, social, and cultural …

African Americans and Salt Lake’s West Side

By Brad Westwood and Cassie Clark In light of the nationwide protests and discussions about African American equality, the upcoming blog series and website Salt Lake’s Westside Stories presents two blog posts dedicated to the history of African Americans and the Salt Lake’s West Side. This post is part of an upcoming blog series and website titled, Salt Lake West …

James Brown, a community activist draws applause as he speaks to the Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights on Wednesday.

Joint Statement Following the Death of George Floyd

The Department of Heritage & Arts stands with the Multicultural Commission, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission on Human Rights, and Governor Gary R. Herbert in mourning the death of George Floyd. Members of the two commissions and the governor, who all met in an emergency meeting Wednesday, issued the following statement that we, as a department, fully endorse.